VOIP Phone Numbers

Great designs, affordable prices, first class service, it's that simple!

VOIP phone numbers are great for business, this is why we have added voice over internet protocol to our services.

At Next Theme we understand that extra phone lines are expensive, We offer VOIP phone numbers and seat setup services which cost much less than traditional phone lines.

All you need to get started is an internet connection and a computer.

Whether you want a local geographic phone number or a national number such as 0800, 0808, 0845, we can help.

Our phone numbers can be set up for use on a smart phone, pc, or desk phone setups, and can have multiple phone numbers going to the same phone or multiple phones linked to the same phone number.

VOIP is a great way to add vertual locations to your business, or expand into new areas of the country.

We can also provide IVR Menus, call recording, voicemail,as well as virtual PBX and call queues and complete setup services.

Our VOIP experts can provide and install business VOIP phone systems, with quick setup, and reliable service, we can also advise you on soft phone systems for your computer or smartphone. whats more you can be up and running with a new phone number in minutes.

Find out more about our VOIP services contact us today.

Updated: 17-01-2017