Since our start in 2017, We have been helping small businesses get in front of their potential buyers, and manage internal processes in a way that actually helps them grow.

The business has steadily grown, as word got around that web design and build need not be expensive. All of the web design and build was done by myself, creating not only a unique and personal touch but a chance to work within an affordable budget, without having to pay out for additional staff and fancy city premises.

We still consider ourselves to have a personal touch and have made many long-term loyal customers. We are happy to offer free consultations either by telephone or in-person.

About Joe

Hi, my name is Joe and I run Next Theme web design and development. A business I started 2017 from home in Weston-super-Mare.

I am easy to approach and I endeavor to explain in simple terms the technical and sometimes confusing terms of website development.

Over the years, my knowledge and experience have grown from building a simple one-page website to several pages, and eCommerce sites at affordable prices, in a budget and on time.

It’s simple through our own trained and qualified salespeople who have years of experience in selling products and services we have combined to create perfect websites that sell your products to your customer.


These websites are based on customer experiences when they buy, what they buy, simplification buying experience, what’s available, when are they going to get it, what back up have they got, what is the quality of the product, what would give the customer the confidence to buy from you, who will listen if things go wrong, etc. these are just some of the points that are so important when designing a website.

Many websites are built by great designers but they have little or no experience when it comes to selling products to your customers, so they rely on computer-based statistics and then just bob along the bottom trying to fix things.

We will meet up and discuss thoroughly what our client is selling, who their market is, how many products they want to sell, website layout, colour schemes, prominence of branding, persuasive buying, customer interaction. These are just a few points that have to be considered before designing your website.

As a company, it is so important not to overlook the fact that your business is based on and only succeeds through excellent business relationships that are built through trust, quality of service, honesty and reliability and transparency.

We have only just touched on some of the points that go into our bespoke websites, we at Next Theme build sites that sell products and services, we design to sell as if your business were our own business, we build for your success.

Web design, designed for small to medium-sized businesses, with a proven track record of sales generation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!