Harmony Trust

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Harmony TrustHarmony Trust is an organisation set up to help transplant patients and their families to deal with the emmense stress and often heartbreak of the transplant waiting list and associated procedures.

Not knowing when or where an organ will come from is very difficult to bare. It is heartbreaking to watch the demise of a loved one and not being able to help save their life. All we can do is make them as comfortable as possible.Life is a precious gift whatever it chucks at us, to be able to smell the sweet scent of the flowers to hear the birds singing in the trees to see the wonderful colours, to taste the wine to laugh with friends and to see your family grow up the joys are endless.

So please take some time out to give thought to our brothers and sisters laying in a hospital bed watching the world go by who are hoping and praying that someone else’s kind deed will give them a little more time to enjoy the world and all it's glories.

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Updated: 28-12-2016